The Elephant Map Project

Since 1990, I’ve created painted wall maps on canvas, many of them for world travelers. Though I have mapped every part of the globe, Africa is the most popular geographic subject among my clients. I’ve always loved mapping Africa and depicting its amazing fauna—especially the magnificent and stirring elephant. As elephant herds declined, however, I found it increasingly melancholy—elegiac, even--to depict them.  Was there anything I could do to help in a small way? I only have one skill: illustrated mapping. What if I used that skill to create a compelling enough map to inspire viewers with a sense of stewardship?

I knew I couldn’t do it alone: In 2015 I reached out to Katie Losey, a devoted champion of wildlife conservation, hoping she would partner with me in this volunteer effort. Thankfully, she agreed, and brought her knowledge, contacts, and contagious energy to the project. She reached out to wildlife specialists and organizations; they provided data and perspective. Together, Katie and I resolved the map’s theme, content, and composition—then I cut a 4’ square piece of canvas and started painting. Between planning and painting, the project time equaled the gestation period of an elephant: nearly two years.

The result is an illustrated work designed to attract viewers aesthetically, rekindle their concern for an iconic and threatened species, and inspire activism and contributions to our beneficiary, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Early on, Katie and I resolved to celebrate not just the remarkable nature of African elephants, but also the positive steps being taken to save them. Our aim was to create a meaningful and beautiful map suitable for children, parents, and grandparents alike. We offer it to you with love and hope, and invite you to engage in the salvation of an awe-inspiring and ecologically essential species.

Connie Brown

FOR SALE:  A limited edition 24” square fine art archival print run (only 40!) created by Suozzi Studios, art printers; and an unlimited edition 24” square museum-quality poster. Proceeds benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in honor of their 40th anniversity and their vital efforts towards the rejuvenation of African elephants.  The original 4 foot square canvas has been on loan at  Avenues School in Manhattan since 2017; Avenues has incorporated it into their curriculum as a teaching map.

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