Greg's World of Burritos

My son Greg has been my tech advisor throughout my career. In 2007, he introduced me to the new Google Maps feature called My Maps, which enabled me for the first time to plot map points speedily. “You can plot anything, Moms,” he said, “even my favorite burrito joints!” At the time, I had begun my ongoing infatuation with round maps, so I made him this simple map as a thank you for his invaluable tip. It’s barely cartographic, just the highways and major waters. His house in Silicon Valley is the central point; the other map points are burrito joints I lifted right off Google Maps. I’d wanted to make a red/white/black map; here was my opportunity. The Korean line at the bottom (Greg’s wife is Korean) means “I love burritos.” This is one of my favorite maps, and I was pleased when it was featured on the big design blog Boing Boing.