The Hudson and its Watershed

Another public art map, this one is 6 x 8 feet. The Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries commissioned this map in accordance with its mission "to expand the understanding of waterways for the benefit of human health, ecosystems, New York's economy and quality of life." This map was created (1) to acquaint the public with the breadth and shape of the Hudson's watershed; and (2) to inspire in the public a sense of stewardship and love for the Hudson, its history, and its ecology. Each of the images surrounding the map shows a different aspect of the river. In order to convey the themes properly, I collaborated with a committee of educators and scientists. It has been exhibited at the Beacon Institute, the Albany Institute, and the New York Public Library's 2009 exhibit Mapping New York Shoreline, which commemorated the quadricentennial of Henry Hudson's explorations. It is currently part of Boston Public Library's exhibit Women in Cartography, curated by Alice Hudson, former Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library.